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One of the best ways to properly experience a new culture is to savour the food produced by its culinary tradition. Rich with diverse cultures, the Indonesian archipelago is blessed with a monumental amount of unique food creations and rituals.

At Batak Legacy Villa, not only will you experience what life was like for the original owners of the traditional Batak wooden house from 150 years ago, but you’ll also be treated to food creations and food rituals inspired by the archipelago’s fascinating and colourful traditions prepared by our highly trained F&B team. The results are high-quality dishes that are authentic and suitable for your sophisticated modern palate.

The food items on your all-day breakfast menu are all part of Batak Legacy Villa’s wholesome discovery experience. Each bite has been imbued with legendary tales from times past.

Similarly, the BBQ ritual has been created to pay homage to fire goddess Dewi Drupadi, a mainstay in ancient Hindu texts and oral folklores who embodies the immeasurable strength of women. Sitting down at the BBQ pit with your loved ones overlooking serene Bedugul woods and being served fine-quality food prepared with everlasting tales will be the highlight of not just this retreat but all of the holidays you have ever had combined.