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Batak Legacy is a 150-year-old Toba Batak house with a carved and painted facade that features four singa. Originally located in the middle of Lake Toba in North Sumatra, Indonesia, the rectangular, wooden structure was later transported to North of Bali. The original design of the house was preserved during the reconstruction, and the building is now firmly ensconced in a jungle in Baturiti. Did you know that the island of Sumatra located at the western end of Indonesia is the sixth largest island in the world?

Traditionally, a Toba Batak house comprised three levels: an unwalled basement for livestock, the ground level floor for the family members, and an attic for storing provisions and valuable objects. The restoration works did away with the basement, and one now finds the dining room, bathroom, kitchen and sauna on the ground level, and the sleeping and living area under the two meter saddle roof. The project is a fascinating example of how a traditional dwelling can be adapted to a modern tropical lifestyle — a successful reworking of a timeless classic.

Spoil yourself to an intimate villa living experience in a peaceful refuge away from the touristy parts of Bali.

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Batak Legacy, A Jungle Hideaway

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After all the stressful wedding planning, it's now time to unwind with a luxury honeymoon. Our post-wedded bliss includes:

Romantic bedroom set up upon arrival

Floating breakfast for two

Bonfire date night

(2) 60 minutes Traditional Balinese massages

USD 850 for 2 NIGHT STAY

(Enquire for longer stay)


We are located in a small village of Baturiti, 15 mins away from Bedugul. Baturiti area enjoys a mild mountain weather due to its location at an altitude of about 850 metres (2,789 ft) above sea level. Expect cooler air and mists in certain months!

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